Friday, December 24, 2010

sports betting

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Saturday, December 11, 2010


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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mad Hatter to Riddler??

Well this is interesting, people might have less expected for the next installment of batman, after the joker's wrap up, for he is the most sinistrous alter who can possibly put batman's sense of judgement and character to the test. But then, few would have prayed for the epic comic hero to relive from pulling one of batman's anti-hero characters to don the role like Heath Ledger who simply made a stunning performance that many could only dream or think of doing so. But then lets not question the talent of the actor(Ledger,Heath) after all the guy did make immense sacrifice in order to be the joker, all credit to him for he was the heart and soul of the movie, the dark knight. Also one shouldn't fail to notice that villain's doesn't get to be that good especially being scary,smart or so focused as the joker was presented to us in the last saga of Batman series. And so, we had to move on thinking that the dark knight had been concluded once his love had been taken out of proportion, even though villain's like the penguin, Mr.freeze or anyone you can get think of from the DC comics.

But then its rather the perfect situation for batman to stay vigilant now that he turns out cold from within after being left alone once again in his life, and the answer given to match the situation was Riddler. Not sure if anyone can match or fit into the character like Johnny Depp can , after all the Mad Hatter can now don into the green suite to talk crazy with vigorous mood changes. Rumour's so far had clearly points to Depp's talents. Time will confirm the riddle on the riddler's confirmation.