Friday, December 24, 2010

sports betting

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Saturday, December 11, 2010


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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mad Hatter to Riddler??

Well this is interesting, people might have less expected for the next installment of batman, after the joker's wrap up, for he is the most sinistrous alter who can possibly put batman's sense of judgement and character to the test. But then, few would have prayed for the epic comic hero to relive from pulling one of batman's anti-hero characters to don the role like Heath Ledger who simply made a stunning performance that many could only dream or think of doing so. But then lets not question the talent of the actor(Ledger,Heath) after all the guy did make immense sacrifice in order to be the joker, all credit to him for he was the heart and soul of the movie, the dark knight. Also one shouldn't fail to notice that villain's doesn't get to be that good especially being scary,smart or so focused as the joker was presented to us in the last saga of Batman series. And so, we had to move on thinking that the dark knight had been concluded once his love had been taken out of proportion, even though villain's like the penguin, Mr.freeze or anyone you can get think of from the DC comics.

But then its rather the perfect situation for batman to stay vigilant now that he turns out cold from within after being left alone once again in his life, and the answer given to match the situation was Riddler. Not sure if anyone can match or fit into the character like Johnny Depp can , after all the Mad Hatter can now don into the green suite to talk crazy with vigorous mood changes. Rumour's so far had clearly points to Depp's talents. Time will confirm the riddle on the riddler's confirmation.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

PokerStars Bonus Code

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Robo sinks out

Alright, Endhiran came , saw and left. Did it meet all the promises that it made?? Well obviously not, the movie hardly ran for month and it is pretty much washed out. Shankar would be having a hard time with the producers if he keeps running his mouth about his dream projects which just turned out to be a luxury loss.Maybe the film could have potentially sealed the financial loss after setting up the majority of the box office records both within the country and out, but its inevitable that as a typical fan of Rajni, one would be frustrated beyond limits, even though the actor cast out a remarkable talent in front of the screen especially the negative lead.

Well some thing's does stand out even though the movie does not frame up with a good story line.The special effects was cool, the dialogue's had a few crispy lines(3-5).Rajni, displayed his fine acting talent and also justified why he is the undisputed acting supremacy in India.The Music was exquisite as always when represented by AR Rahman and he simply lived up to his name.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Corruption at its peak

The money.... K.. KK.... She doesn't have anything to do with people's greed. Especially with the likes of the one's fueled up with power.Next stop politicians. Its only fair that we start with people's representative's , after all we were the one who choose them for the very position itself.So here we go, the sensation for almost the last 2 years had been the Minister of Telecommunications, Mr.Raja. This honorable minister has been suspected of corruption in 2G spectral lines.Not sure if its true, but rumors says its like well over 1,00,000 crore rupees. Things haven't been the same with congress since 2008 when he was pointed out for the fiasco in the spectral lines and ever since then, the opposition calls for the ruling party to be sacked. But the honorable minister only fails to heed the word of the opposition but also dares to raise the slogan of "Who isn't Corrupt?" right away. A typical blame game in fact you are new to this concept.

Maybe one can call the opposition as opportunist's, but it is evident that this scam is too heavy a burden on just any tax paying citizen of India that it just could not be taken for granted.There's more to this story than just that.Not only has the honorable minister dared to raise the slogan, it has been spread out that he even defied the judiciary powers of the land and slacked down any measures to investigate the case at a closer point, after we know how it ends..... I believe morale has nothing to do with A.Raja after all he doesn't seem bout the way people wag their tongues in this concerned matter, or his decision to quit the office owing to position he has left the ruling central govt. in a sorry state. It only makes someone reading this very article feel that "does he have anything to hide in this matter when its already well out?". Maybe its high time he realized that he is crying over spilt milk. Rest is left to the people of India....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bad End for a thrilling ODI series

Maybe not one of the biggest treat for the cricketing fans once we came through with the team selection for the playing eleven, but the least the fans could only anticipate for the fireworks to set ablaze but even that gets wiped out after the 3 ODI match series came to a conclusion with 2 of them washed out clean by mother nature's nightly showers.Maybe this could have set the tone for the biggest rivalries in the upcoming years just like Ashes, but just not the right day for it to come. Ponting on the other hand got his hopes crushed after failing to make a victory in the test series in India, and may even end up retiring without doing so if the Test team keeps their dominance at home firm, like they did in the Border Gavaskar trophy.Only time will tell if Aussies, can attain their greatness once again or end up like the Carribean's in both touch and form.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

sports betting

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bryan: WWE's safe bet

Time to shift focus on WWE. Well I'm a wrestling fan.Errr...... Correction was a wrestling fan the time before crap took over the universe. The storyline off late seems to be weaker than ever. They've tried Cena as the new face of WWE, but something doesn't seem to be right.As a matter of fact, the entertainment criterion is simply missing out of the combination and somehow the universe once torched Mr.McMahon's own hands has come to a sorry state due to lack of creativity. I mean, think about the 90's, people had Bret Hart(my favourite),Austin,Rock,Undertaker and Kane(the one with the mask). As we moved from ages, the storyline was simply great and it always thrilled me to watch WWE(no no no, it was WWF at that time).As time moved on, we had great matches, as we had Brock Lesnar, Goldberg. But then company seems to have eyed on something different at the end of the Attitude Era. (This was the biggest mistake of all times). The prime one making Cena as the new face of WWE. Time and again one might ask the question if he really deserve the credit calling himself an entertainer. The material simply isn't there at all. And they had Edge(big time loser who doesn't really look like a wrestler at all) or to mention Orton junior whose face reminds me of a gecho.Of course the once impressive jericho is now brought down to nothing over years.

Now for the spotlight of WWE's biggest flop of pay per view, Summerslam 2010. Not the best, bad but simply the worst show ever displayed of all times. The only relief was that Undertaker doing his mystic appearance in the ring but only to get whacked by Kane(even though i did like Kane getting the better of the former) and then the elimination match between Team WWE and Nexus. Bret Hart was one of the main reason that provoked me to watch this match(Never liked the most of Team WWE).But then what do the fans get? He gets disqualified right when he gets good. And then veterans look stupid in front of a bunch of rookies(That's ridiculous, fresh hands better than experience? maybe in a race not in getting beaten up).Inspite of all this I held on to my seat to witness something exciting to happen, it Daniel Bryan did make it worthwhile on displaying his fine wrestling skills(for someone new in WWE universe, he showed great promise), especially when it came in the art of submission maneuver's.Maybe WWE should try making him the face of the universe instead of trying Cena or some freak like Sheamus with funny looking hair do.He reminded me of Chris Benoit, when he executed the cross face(pity he's dead now.Better dead instead of standing aside of all this mess).

Friday, August 13, 2010

PokerStars Bonus Code

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

No.1 with toothless bowling attack

Maybe India had managed to clutch their No.1 spot with the beginning of the season, but it is only a matter of time before someother better team comes into act to snatch the position. MSD had made the point time and again about the bowling fragility in the so called strong team, where we have seen not just once but for some numerous occasions where the bowlers made sure the team managed to dispatch easy wins to nail biting contests and defeats at times.The inability to take wickets by the young guns and the injury prone veterans have turned into a miserable state to a tag-line for the nation which boasts itself for it's batting strength to tackle almost any bowling unit.Even though some people or critics for that matter may justify the team's win in the 3rd test match against Sri Lanka(SL), it was only possible for Muralitharan had been retired from SL, whats more the part timer's like Sehwag had a good fluke of luck riding his way with the ball to help India's cause.Besides Sachin, as always made sure the team was solidified in the middle with Laxman making his 16th century(the first in SL) along with arising star Raina.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

resorts for golf in Myrtle Beach

They were exchanging what's going on with their lives after almost 15 years of being a retiree. My hubby is not into sports but his friend who just came from Myrtle beach told him that we have to go down there before summer ends here. Oh how I wish we could this instance I have missed swimming on the beach and just love going there. Of course, some people do not care how hot is the alternative when the club, so there are a lot of golfers who flock here during the summer months. In fact, golf and great year-round business and you will find that the weather is usually mild and acceptable to hit the sites at any time. It has grown to a world wide event with competitors from 125 countries vying for a purse worth over $450,000. This qualifier will give the Grand Strand “big hitter” a chance to make his mark in this grass roots event of world class power golf. Such resort-based Myrtle Beach golf packages often include reduced-rate Myrtle Beach Accommodations and meals as compared to the cost of booking only a room at that particular resorts for golf in Myrtle Beach. Whether you have ever been to Myrtle Beach for a golf vacation or you are a South Carolina local, you need to know which Myrtle Beach golf Courses are the best to play. The golf packages in Myrtle Beach is more affordable and it has a lot of packages to choose from. And since it's only him and his wife they get a very good rate so far. For more information visit

Monday, June 28, 2010

Valley Forge flags

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Monday, June 21, 2010

sports betting

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

golf packages in Myrtle Beach

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

CSK triumphs

What could possibly go wrong when this man leads from front?? One can only assume that the opponent team could do better starting from the front line to the end in order to beat Mahi's team in format, be it in a league match or in an international arena. This man could be the best captain that India could ask for after the Legendary World Cup winning captain, Kapil Dev. He single handedly took the responsibility to make sure his team makes into the semi finals with a mindblowing final over finish. And then there was the semi-final and finals where his captaincy mattered the most confining the opponent's team to their limits and making sure that pressure took care of the rest. Even's the season's best team failed to deliver when it mattered the most to Mahi's CSK along with some fine bowling performance from Bollinger which is worthy of mentioning along with the 'now' seasoned Raina and the talent of the season Vijay.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Not many would have noticed this, but the performance of the IPL seems to have depleted with over time. And people of the very nation must only be hoping that this wont be playing in the minds of the playing eleven in T20 WC which will is queued up in the list of events to happen .This, my good people, is because of the similar pattern which reminds us of the previous version of IPL where the tournament held at SA completely ticked toll of the players and the results were simply not upto the mark. Yet the pattern repeats and one could only expect the same results real soon.Maybe Mr. Latit Modi should give a thought our conducting the tournament keeping the big stage in mind rather than his personal interests alone. It is evident that the australian players have already turned down the IPL big time(active players) and it is just a matter of time before the million dollar baby turns into an adoption of its counter part.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Alonso triumphs on the word go

Alonso is a happy man after winning his first grand prix for Ferrari. And he starts off with a dream opening what now looks like an excellent combination between the man and the roaring machine. Meanwhile it was good to see Massa get back to Formula1 world in style despite being taken over by the new comer(Alonso). Ferrari seems to be returning into its dominating form after an entire year being eclipsed by lesser team.Apart from that , the long awaited return of Schumacher seems to be paying off after the veteran driver managed to gain some points after a gap of 3 years which is quite impressive. Whether he will be controlling the season one more time before he bids farewell to the world of motorsport forever will be a question that remains to be answered.

Monday, March 1, 2010

India thumps SA before the series conclusion

Making runs at a reasonable rate in a limited over game is hard. But what makes it even harder to break the threshold point which is marked as the ultimate goal itself for any young blood. When the when you cross that very point then you become the ultimate goal itself turning into a record which will be looked up to be crossed by the next generations.The name is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. The phenom who lately crossed the 200 mark in the ODI history which was claimed to be an impossible task all these days was masterminded by the man's genius after calculated risks and crafty strokes. It was a day where nothing could possibly go wrong for him and he made use of the oppurtunity to the fullest and is now holding the record for almost every batting record one could ask for in the game's history.

Brett Lee quits Ultimate Test

Not sure why but the lifeline of the speedsters seems to come down real quick due to injury worries. We've seen the fate of Shane Bond & Andrew Flintoff in the past, but now one of the modern time greats, Brett Lee happens to call it a day as far as Test cricket is concerned in order to survive in the shorter formats of Cricket.He has claimed over 300 test wickets so far and comes in the order of Australian greats inclusive of the legendry leg spinner Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath and Dennis Lilee. If this is the fate awaiting the young speedsters,there will be worries in the department of pace bowling because of the injuries which can come as an outcome of the longer version of the game which happens to be the ultimate test in cricket.

Friday, February 19, 2010

No result saves No.1 Spot

Alrighty time to shift gears back to the cricketing world. After ,all the promise of ICC to bring more viewers to test cricket by adding up spiece to classic old tale does happen to be working like a charm. The number of matches which turns to give out results are far more than expected from what it was over the years and the fact that it does turn out into a result and that fact of conducting championship(in future) for test series seem to pay of already. The recent concluding series between the leader(India) and the runner-up(SA) seemed to be quite a contest for the year which unfortunately ended up as a series level up despite both teams won a game each.There was resilence with the bat, temperment with the ball either by bone crushing speed or the crafty spin. Of course the determination to stay on the field does tick the toll but remember its not known as the ultimate format of the game for nothing unlike flashy formats where swinging the bat like a club hardly makes an impression lasting enough to remember even for a day. As for the conclusion of the series it was India's first ever time to grab hold of the No.1 spot in test cricket history and winning it for the end of the season itself & it was a close call to had the nerves been held up for another over and half for it could have put the efforts in vain. Nonetheless, a brilliant display of sportmenship which is the only thing that matters in the end.Hope the liked watching the game as much as i did.

The straight library knocks the analogue.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

online games

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leather Temptations

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Requirement is HD??

What does the eye require when you order it to look into something? A pleasant one, of course, but then not all things are pleasant because sometimes we have it screwed up by ourselves. The best instance in your every day to day experience basically starts from your television. The program me’s simply doesn’t live up to our expectations just because at times we might be pushed into taking the package which only happens to fit our budget. And yes, we trying to meet ends of the basic necessities simply submit ourselves to just some average unimpressive work which we do regret every time we look at it (well at least for the kids!).

The trouble is we don’t have time to check on the various options placed in front of us. One good reason is that, they are scattered throughout the world. True, if we do put our best efforts the criterion will certainly be met. But then things aren’t going to be easy for any of us now don’t you think?? This is exactly why I thought of helping out people by making a suggestion on worthy packages at really affordable prices for your home television. DIRECTV is the ideal solutions for this very FAQ.DIRECT TV provides you with over a 130 channels which is of exceptional quality and real gives you the worth for your hard earned money at a very reasonable prize. Not just that we can also have HD(High Definition), the most highly refined picture clarity that one can think of, currently. Apart from that you can expect great customer service, equipments at free of costs and other goodies which is a quite a remarkable feature from DIRECTTV. Think this should be good enough to get you to something in this hectic schedule we have in a regular day’s routine.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Classic n Stylish

Sports keeps people entertained. Sure enough,sportsmen who perform in it get short time glory which makes them look like they’ve conquered the world. But what keeps the memories preserved for a player once he turns back and looks at his achievements? The trophies of course!!! Maybe it’s not a big thing when it comes for a purchase nor do people realize its worth when it comes to presenting one, but who knows better than the one who receives it, especially when it comes to the sweet memories which reminds them of their best game played. Anyways let not deviate from the very topic itself. Trophies are no just souvenirs but memories. You can’t just buy some cheap things for a memento. It can be a real insult which you might regret. So better get aim for the best from trophysales. It’s a cool site where you can get to see a wide variety of trophies with genuine innovative styles for the tournament which you feel like conducting like Basketball trophies, Soccer trophies, Golf trophies and many more once you could think of.What’s more you can get trophies at cheaper prices compared to others. That’s smart buy for you now don’t you think?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Asal: The Style Prodigy

Ajit Kumar is no doubt a gifted actor but then it looks like he’s moving to the next level with every movie he delivers. The Upcoming Movie ‘Asal’ is promised to be a super hit when it hits the theatres real soon, for he is expected to give something more than ‘Billa’ which was one of its kind and redefined the style pattern set for the movie makers. The official posters and songs have been released and its mind blowing especially the costume’s, hair style not to mention the remarkably big moustache which is a rare sight these days. As for Sameera Reddy it’s her second movie in Tamil. The Actress showed great promise in her first movie, so a great deal is expected from her part as she plays the opposite to Mr. Charisma. Apart from that we can expect Prabhu’s supportive role to give a handy chunk of experience to come in the movie to add momentum to the silver screener.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tickets at will!!!

Hey guys what’s new for the season?? It’s a whole new year and every event in the world gets renewed for another exciting season to show their talents. Of course I wouldn’t worry about the performers for they are trained for this time and again. But what are we supposed to do when we really have the urge to witness the performance at real live in the very spot where you can get entertained along with millions of people with the very same thoughts which you have for a game\ concert or anything at all for that matter? Sounds great doesn’t it?? I felt the same too but then the barrier was raised up when I found the difficulty in actually getting my hands on those tickets, for fans are as double as you and me are. So, there comes the very problem for ticket hunt for it’s sold out even before you turn into the booking counter or making an online reservation. But then my friend made once in a while worthy solution to get tickets through cheap tickets. You can get a variety of tickets for various events like your Miami dolphin game, Celtic woman tickets and venues at the place of desire like the Madison Square Garden tickets, Blue Cross Arena tickets where ladies and gentlemen you have a very tight schedule for the whole year. If you really think it’s time for you to ascend yourself to the spot as a fan for this is the moment.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Stunning Effects

What makes a picture better than what it really looks like? Well something which is applied to a good base of course! But one has to admit that not all are great at applying things, especially the ones which we are not familiar with. Well I have to admit that my photo works aren’t a marvel for a good display, but then the next best thing of making something of a worthy try is let someone who can really make a good job out of it. And that’s when I came across this photo fun site. This cool site provides us with a number of special effects which can really add style to your good picture. There are more than a hundred effects to match up and reach to your imagination. Apart from that new effects are added up in this photofun site every month so that you can keep up with the world. I have displayed some of the pictures which I used the photofunia effects in order to give you an idea of what sort of effect’s you can except from this place before you hit the main picture. I do hope you are convinced with the ones here...