Thursday, October 15, 2009

Team India out of T20

Now how many of us saw this match on sunday with high hopes and expectations thinking that team India would win this match hands down after a surprising defeat from the West-Indies. Yes most of us would have thought that India will not take things lightly after the downfall from the carribeans.But then, a bad selection in the playing eleven and bingooo... we have a lose and a free exit pass from the tournament that we won in the previous edition.

Most of us could have thought that Jadeja was the only solo reason we lost for yesterday's match, but then lets not take things to harsh on the guy, after all he was picked in for the match not without a worthy reason.It was only a matter of bad timing and those days were a player cannot meet the teams expectations. We did witness the top order disappointing yet again for the second time after being tested by the lesser teams who can only rarely disappoint a big team. But on the contrary, team India did struggle with bangladesh too before Yuvraj started whipping out hard with the bat to bring them to a commanding state.

And then we had Ireland... where we had only to relax ourselves without straining ourselves much and only had a chance to get ourselves more rusty.The big ones comes only when we enter the Super 8's, so it would only surprise anyone with a decent head that they won the match without any trouble. And they did struggle a lot against a decent pace attack both with the West Indies and England.

And finally it does puzzle us a lot when we see Jadeja in the playing eleven when we have Dinesh Karthik for a pick. He did perform well in IPL, and interestingly noteable that jadeja's stats are far lesser when compared to Dinesh Karthik or Irfan Pathan. Even the commentators were passing negative comments on the guy cause of the momentum shift when he only managed to score 25 off 35 deliveries in a T20 match, which is far beyond acceptance level. Especially when your pressuring not just urself but an entire nation's expectation and patience levels.(I personally was kicking myself when i saw him, trying real hard to score against Stuart Broad).

But then we have culprits in the form of R.Sharma and S.Raina who failed to impress. Captain Marvel who has to be blamed for tampering the number three slot cause he constantly changed the order with himself and Raina. And not to mention the mass media who sought out a bad time to take a closer look at the Indian camp of unity testing and relationships.(Could have shut themselves from writing anything like these which only screws the team moral, but then they sell it out like most, cause its worth the green and for filling up the pages)

Right to vote no longer a "Right"??

Well its bout a month since we had our central government elections here at India. Sure one party loses and one party wins. This is like a coin-toss of course, but then nevertheless we have one common issue that has yet to be answered. The question of the public of course, the voice of every major\eligibile voter in this country-" Do we have anything called the Right to Vote?"

Well we could have seen flashy advertisements in the TV, flashy banners on ur streets, huge cutouts over the years, but then have we ever given a thought bout the individual? I mean , how many times have we come across the voting percentage lesser than 50??? This is not something new to us, but then we rarely care who wins cause at times it doesnt make any changes whoever wins cause "Most of the times we loose".

Yes like our heading here says, the right to vote no longer a right here supposed to mean for the majority of the people who hesitates to cast their vote.If the odds are true the majority of the people who doesnt vote happens to be the educated ones. Not sure myself, but then i simply go with the rumours for now.Yes and if they dont bother to cast their vote which by all means happens to be the majority(50+) then how does the election commision possibly think that a party has legally won? "Not sure if they only take the vote casted into consideration, but then if the majority doesnt believe in any of the contenders of the election then why bother conducting an election itself? " .

Neither do this majority of the people bother to raise their voice against the dislikes or dilemma's nor does the officials take things into consideration. Does that mean that our right has been violated here? or is it simply a raw deal that we can either take it or leave ? Time will tell....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Immortality achieved??

Does this man achieved immortality in the long run? I mean he's dead no doubt but is this legend the only performer and a show stopper who can never be outperformed for centuries in the world of MUSIC, with the harassment of being a black which ended up in mutilating his face once and for all??

1 "M"an "S"tands tall in ruins!!!!

Will he be the only legend for the Formula 1 after the number of controversies we seen ever since his retirement including the continued changes in rules which of course brought the end to Micheal's reign of domination in F1. Apart from that we have seen Alonso who was expected to take Schumi's domination losing the sheen once he joined McLaren team. Lately the Briton sensation Hamilton doesnt seem to be quite effective with the changes made by the FIA.

Of course the chance of winning a race is now totally unbiased no doubt with regulations in engine and wings and all that extravegent motor stuff, but then top teams like Ferrai, BMW are planning to pull out of the FIA if they fail to make changes with the rules yet again. One would think that this might be the beginning of the end of Formula 1 at this level.

With things going out of hands, Micheal's record is all set and bricked up real strong and he will be the undisputed champion role-model and an inpiration for many young racing drivers for the years to come.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Time and again MSD has proved why he is worthy of being a captain or a top ODI batsmen for weeks. Captain Marvel might have not made an impression at the T20 world cup but he sets milestone's , which any Indian captain would have only dreamt of doing in the past or maybe in the future too. Inspite of the dismal performance by the players of team India at the 2 nd ODI in front of the West Indies crowd, he managed to hold his nerves and showed clear temperment and determination to stay and make atleast a statement before he fell as the last man by the end of the innings. Not just that, he made sure the tournament was won by the team, after 4th ODI was called off and the previous match which was barely won by a ball in the end.

While Mahi's spot remains undisputed in the Indian order, people must have to think that players like Rohit Sharma, Yusuf Pathan are even worthy of their places in the playing eleven.Yes we can spot the talent( in Rohit) when played with lesser teams and Yusuf big shots once in a hundred times, but can we take that as a justification for these people? Dinesh Karthik's place for the playing eleven in world T20 cup still even remains clouded who clearly performed well in both IPL and in West Indies. High time for people to realize that a lots of playing talent is wasted from the likes of certain jerks who takes their places for granted.