Saturday, March 27, 2010


Not many would have noticed this, but the performance of the IPL seems to have depleted with over time. And people of the very nation must only be hoping that this wont be playing in the minds of the playing eleven in T20 WC which will is queued up in the list of events to happen .This, my good people, is because of the similar pattern which reminds us of the previous version of IPL where the tournament held at SA completely ticked toll of the players and the results were simply not upto the mark. Yet the pattern repeats and one could only expect the same results real soon.Maybe Mr. Latit Modi should give a thought our conducting the tournament keeping the big stage in mind rather than his personal interests alone. It is evident that the australian players have already turned down the IPL big time(active players) and it is just a matter of time before the million dollar baby turns into an adoption of its counter part.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Alonso triumphs on the word go

Alonso is a happy man after winning his first grand prix for Ferrari. And he starts off with a dream opening what now looks like an excellent combination between the man and the roaring machine. Meanwhile it was good to see Massa get back to Formula1 world in style despite being taken over by the new comer(Alonso). Ferrari seems to be returning into its dominating form after an entire year being eclipsed by lesser team.Apart from that , the long awaited return of Schumacher seems to be paying off after the veteran driver managed to gain some points after a gap of 3 years which is quite impressive. Whether he will be controlling the season one more time before he bids farewell to the world of motorsport forever will be a question that remains to be answered.

Monday, March 1, 2010

India thumps SA before the series conclusion

Making runs at a reasonable rate in a limited over game is hard. But what makes it even harder to break the threshold point which is marked as the ultimate goal itself for any young blood. When the when you cross that very point then you become the ultimate goal itself turning into a record which will be looked up to be crossed by the next generations.The name is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. The phenom who lately crossed the 200 mark in the ODI history which was claimed to be an impossible task all these days was masterminded by the man's genius after calculated risks and crafty strokes. It was a day where nothing could possibly go wrong for him and he made use of the oppurtunity to the fullest and is now holding the record for almost every batting record one could ask for in the game's history.

Brett Lee quits Ultimate Test

Not sure why but the lifeline of the speedsters seems to come down real quick due to injury worries. We've seen the fate of Shane Bond & Andrew Flintoff in the past, but now one of the modern time greats, Brett Lee happens to call it a day as far as Test cricket is concerned in order to survive in the shorter formats of Cricket.He has claimed over 300 test wickets so far and comes in the order of Australian greats inclusive of the legendry leg spinner Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath and Dennis Lilee. If this is the fate awaiting the young speedsters,there will be worries in the department of pace bowling because of the injuries which can come as an outcome of the longer version of the game which happens to be the ultimate test in cricket.