Friday, February 19, 2010

No result saves No.1 Spot

Alrighty time to shift gears back to the cricketing world. After ,all the promise of ICC to bring more viewers to test cricket by adding up spiece to classic old tale does happen to be working like a charm. The number of matches which turns to give out results are far more than expected from what it was over the years and the fact that it does turn out into a result and that fact of conducting championship(in future) for test series seem to pay of already. The recent concluding series between the leader(India) and the runner-up(SA) seemed to be quite a contest for the year which unfortunately ended up as a series level up despite both teams won a game each.There was resilence with the bat, temperment with the ball either by bone crushing speed or the crafty spin. Of course the determination to stay on the field does tick the toll but remember its not known as the ultimate format of the game for nothing unlike flashy formats where swinging the bat like a club hardly makes an impression lasting enough to remember even for a day. As for the conclusion of the series it was India's first ever time to grab hold of the No.1 spot in test cricket history and winning it for the end of the season itself & it was a close call to had the nerves been held up for another over and half for it could have put the efforts in vain. Nonetheless, a brilliant display of sportmenship which is the only thing that matters in the end.Hope the liked watching the game as much as i did.

The straight library knocks the analogue.