Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chargers Triumphs to break losing streak

Now im not sure how much of an unstoppables the deccan chargers were after an array of losses, but it certainly went well for them on Wednesday. The Chargers beat the Mumbai Indians in a low scoring game. The toss won by Gilchrist and he decided to bat first. Despite the expectations of an explosive start, the chargers failed to do that for the fourth consecutive time with gibbs failing to make an impression. After that Gilchrist stayed on the crease batting unlike his real self, while the young lad summan took the attack on Mumbai Indians, who fell shortly after a brilliant bowling mix-ups of pace and bounce of Dwayne bravo.

With that in comes Rohit Sharma, to share the batting slot with partner and captain Gilchrist. However, the pair didnt last long(fell just before strategy break-gilly). Neither did the combination of Rohit and Smith worked like the other day with Chennai team.And so with contributions from Rao coming in the right time, the chargers managed to bring a defendable total of 145 runs on the scorecard.

And so comes the destructive duo in action with Mumbai all set to bat. Jayasuriya and Tendulkar... Now doesnt that sound rattling to any bowler? (Isnt it enough that u got a genius in sachin as such but u need a seige in jayasuriya to aid his cause?) Well that did'nt work today, like it most matches when the duo fell one after another in single figures. And then we had Duminy the star batsman who like always lived upto expectatAions.(No wonder there's so much hype bout this fellow.)ALong with the south african rising spectacle we had shah to chip in the scorecard's depth to a reasonable level. Now everything was ok until Suman came in to claim shah's wicket.

Now its not gonna make much of a difference when u think its just 3 down for half the total chased down.. But its a matter of concern when wickets get tumbling by.And so the pack of cards fell one by one, with Suman claiming yet another wicket of Bravo. After that it was the massacre all the way by the charger with a phenomenonal bowling from Rohit Sharma.He managed to complete a hat trick and made sure that the opposition was denied of any oppurtunity of scoring by removing Duminy.After that the hopes of winning were given up by Mumbai team was given up as the team fell short of 19 runs from the victory margin.