Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When Heaven opens up

Quite a fancy heading for an article no? Im sure most of you would agree on that one.But then i'm sure most would have been puzzled on the very heading itself. Well that is exactly what provoked into writing this article in itself. Heaven, quite a fancy term man made where the noble gets to reside when he meets the deadline of mortality and sets his step to the next dimension in the after life. Don't know if anything such as heaven- an ethereal plot ever exists but one thing is sure, everything is man made. Inclusive of these fancy term heaven.

Of course one could always argue with if they are extremely religious, and i wont put them to a judgement call already.But all you have to do is simply practice the idea of questioning things. After all real time facts don't change if they are real as anyone would think or claim it as. But lets get practical,people like me, who simply believe in what we see and are willing to accept things as long as there is an existing proof would only guess one thing when u recall the phrase "When Heaven opens up".It simply refers to the point when the scientific phenomenon occurs in the atmosphere with the help of condesation which in turn leads to rain.

But as for the typical religious people are concerned, as most of the population is comprised of, they would simply think as a connection to the next world where noble ones reach for their good and purity.I bet its a dream for most of the people who devoted their lives for the sake of the divine spirits always aim for that spot up there.

Whether think it as a scientific phenomenon or as a divine thought in the end it leads to one conclusion that good is brought about and purity is sent down to earth. Of course this is none other than the rainfall. The brilliance which never failed most of the times over years way before than homo-sapiens came into existence.Good and pure(though some would call it as acidic water) in its form bringing the smile in any face in its very presence itself. Mother like when it brings life and an eternal elixir which people never appreciated for what it has done for all these years. Perhaps this is one place where religion and science would accept and agree for its divinity is unquestionable.

Quite a cheeky phrase now don't u think? The way how a human mind thinks... Of course i wont say that this is what generally people think of. But the majority of us would do so.