Sunday, December 6, 2009

Brilliance of Maestro in Vain

The man above in that pic is Sachin Tendulkar. A man who knows and redefined the very game he plays. Role-model for any rising cricketing star, the only person who can ever be compared to the all time greats Sir Don Bradman,a walking legend who crossed 17K run mark ever in the history of cricket and a sole survivor of the game for the past 2 decades from the late 80's to the present year. The above lines, my good friends if u haven't heard bout the game is no bad joke. Its a remarkable feet n he deserves many laurels than anyone for he dedicated more than half of his life time for the game which only shows the remarkable passion and the reflexive skills of this man. Had any other nation produced such a great in their time, i bet they would have taken the World Trophy throughtout his time, but then the scale of balance goes offside if the best goes to the best alone. So what happens then??? Simple as it comes.... The best goes into the remaining of the worst of course.

Harsh isnt it??? You wont think its harsh when you disappoint a man of his caliber when the required landmark is almost well within reach.Yet another worthless show from the remaining members of the team, even though Sachin single handedly demoralized the entire Australian attack with performance which surpassed his previous best against the World Champions. Even though some of the odd exception might deny the fact that it can be yet another odd day where Mahi n Co. failed with young Raina playing the lone hand with tendulkar apart from sehwag. The bowlers disappointed as usual after the first time successful opening fire power in the Aussie camp.Eventually a careless performance from a side which does not have the least possibility to deserve the all time great ,who till the date remains undisputed.