Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LiveScore to the Rescue

What happens when someone crazy with football matches happens to miss it out due to a reason which is utterly regrettable?? Well I was in the very situation myself when I got stuck up with my friend to sort out his miserable state in office. And it so happens that I was missing out the live action until I set my eyes on a fabulous site which showed me the livescore of the match between AC Milan and Juventus. It was heartening to know that Roanldinho managed to score two of the three goals for AC Milan which in turn places them just behind Inter Milan by 8 points. Wish I had it planned before hand, but still it was a great experience to feel and get the score at the right nick of time before it was too late. If you think that’s the only thing which is flashy enough to grab the attention of the crowd, I bet your wrong for this site also has a bookmaker which allows you to place bets according to our desires, hopefully I’m planning to make one real soon, maybe the very next match… Do care to take a look people, it's a must see and I assure that you won’t be disappointed.