Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bryan: WWE's safe bet

Time to shift focus on WWE. Well I'm a wrestling fan.Errr...... Correction was a wrestling fan the time before crap took over the universe. The storyline off late seems to be weaker than ever. They've tried Cena as the new face of WWE, but something doesn't seem to be right.As a matter of fact, the entertainment criterion is simply missing out of the combination and somehow the universe once torched Mr.McMahon's own hands has come to a sorry state due to lack of creativity. I mean, think about the 90's, people had Bret Hart(my favourite),Austin,Rock,Undertaker and Kane(the one with the mask). As we moved from ages, the storyline was simply great and it always thrilled me to watch WWE(no no no, it was WWF at that time).As time moved on, we had great matches, as we had Brock Lesnar, Goldberg. But then company seems to have eyed on something different at the end of the Attitude Era. (This was the biggest mistake of all times). The prime one making Cena as the new face of WWE. Time and again one might ask the question if he really deserve the credit calling himself an entertainer. The material simply isn't there at all. And they had Edge(big time loser who doesn't really look like a wrestler at all) or to mention Orton junior whose face reminds me of a gecho.Of course the once impressive jericho is now brought down to nothing over years.

Now for the spotlight of WWE's biggest flop of pay per view, Summerslam 2010. Not the best, bad but simply the worst show ever displayed of all times. The only relief was that Undertaker doing his mystic appearance in the ring but only to get whacked by Kane(even though i did like Kane getting the better of the former) and then the elimination match between Team WWE and Nexus. Bret Hart was one of the main reason that provoked me to watch this match(Never liked the most of Team WWE).But then what do the fans get? He gets disqualified right when he gets good. And then veterans look stupid in front of a bunch of rookies(That's ridiculous, fresh hands better than experience? maybe in a race not in getting beaten up).Inspite of all this I held on to my seat to witness something exciting to happen, it Daniel Bryan did make it worthwhile on displaying his fine wrestling skills(for someone new in WWE universe, he showed great promise), especially when it came in the art of submission maneuver's.Maybe WWE should try making him the face of the universe instead of trying Cena or some freak like Sheamus with funny looking hair do.He reminded me of Chris Benoit, when he executed the cross face(pity he's dead now.Better dead instead of standing aside of all this mess).