Saturday, August 7, 2010

No.1 with toothless bowling attack

Maybe India had managed to clutch their No.1 spot with the beginning of the season, but it is only a matter of time before someother better team comes into act to snatch the position. MSD had made the point time and again about the bowling fragility in the so called strong team, where we have seen not just once but for some numerous occasions where the bowlers made sure the team managed to dispatch easy wins to nail biting contests and defeats at times.The inability to take wickets by the young guns and the injury prone veterans have turned into a miserable state to a tag-line for the nation which boasts itself for it's batting strength to tackle almost any bowling unit.Even though some people or critics for that matter may justify the team's win in the 3rd test match against Sri Lanka(SL), it was only possible for Muralitharan had been retired from SL, whats more the part timer's like Sehwag had a good fluke of luck riding his way with the ball to help India's cause.Besides Sachin, as always made sure the team was solidified in the middle with Laxman making his 16th century(the first in SL) along with arising star Raina.