Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bad End for a thrilling ODI series

Maybe not one of the biggest treat for the cricketing fans once we came through with the team selection for the playing eleven, but the least the fans could only anticipate for the fireworks to set ablaze but even that gets wiped out after the 3 ODI match series came to a conclusion with 2 of them washed out clean by mother nature's nightly showers.Maybe this could have set the tone for the biggest rivalries in the upcoming years just like Ashes, but just not the right day for it to come. Ponting on the other hand got his hopes crushed after failing to make a victory in the test series in India, and may even end up retiring without doing so if the Test team keeps their dominance at home firm, like they did in the Border Gavaskar trophy.Only time will tell if Aussies, can attain their greatness once again or end up like the Carribean's in both touch and form.