Friday, November 12, 2010

Corruption at its peak

The money.... K.. KK.... She doesn't have anything to do with people's greed. Especially with the likes of the one's fueled up with power.Next stop politicians. Its only fair that we start with people's representative's , after all we were the one who choose them for the very position itself.So here we go, the sensation for almost the last 2 years had been the Minister of Telecommunications, Mr.Raja. This honorable minister has been suspected of corruption in 2G spectral lines.Not sure if its true, but rumors says its like well over 1,00,000 crore rupees. Things haven't been the same with congress since 2008 when he was pointed out for the fiasco in the spectral lines and ever since then, the opposition calls for the ruling party to be sacked. But the honorable minister only fails to heed the word of the opposition but also dares to raise the slogan of "Who isn't Corrupt?" right away. A typical blame game in fact you are new to this concept.

Maybe one can call the opposition as opportunist's, but it is evident that this scam is too heavy a burden on just any tax paying citizen of India that it just could not be taken for granted.There's more to this story than just that.Not only has the honorable minister dared to raise the slogan, it has been spread out that he even defied the judiciary powers of the land and slacked down any measures to investigate the case at a closer point, after we know how it ends..... I believe morale has nothing to do with A.Raja after all he doesn't seem bout the way people wag their tongues in this concerned matter, or his decision to quit the office owing to position he has left the ruling central govt. in a sorry state. It only makes someone reading this very article feel that "does he have anything to hide in this matter when its already well out?". Maybe its high time he realized that he is crying over spilt milk. Rest is left to the people of India....