Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ashwin Out to bring back Nehra???

You can be crazy,insane,reckless and wacky when it comes to decide what is best for representing a Nation full of die hard fans and its interests, but bringing a decadent, out of form player with low moral and possibly less thought for the nation itself is hardly worthy of a choice now is it??

Ashwin had been left out just to bring back Nehra.... And that too in a pitch where spinners can actually perform way better than any pacemen. You gotta be kidding me, what else does a player have to possibly do from here after proving his mettle in the last 2 matches against West Indies and a decisive quarter final match against the formidable Australia if not invincible as it was once upon a time.

I would dont know why the selectors would even pick him(Nehra) up in the first place!!!
The guy doesn't bowl for regular period of time;He is prone to injury; He doesn't know to field or get hold of a catch even when the ball begs him to get hold of itself(pathetic huh??);He is number 11 in the squad, batting goes out of equation even if he wants to show the world at a squandrous chance of 1 out of a gazillion shot, but plays for IPL full season(yummy.... Money involved),played the world cup matches(wonder why that was the case irrespective of his dismal performance in regular basis). If thats sounds bad, he somehow master minded people to get himself a reasonable bowler compared to Irfan Pathan(sickening madness).

How do you expect any bowler come up in life if this no good, not so responsible at the age of mid 30's plans to wreck the emerging dominant side of the cricketing world if he so badly screws others??hmmm

Performing at home and outplaying regional lads is one thing.But at the national basis you have to give it a thought that the best alone prevails from any playing opponent.

As with the part of Ashwin, we have seen him play in a couple of matches; Tight one's; Claimed couple of wickets on both occasions; A worthy asset at the captain's disposal ready to load and play tricks on the batsmen mind at the crease.If anyone deserves a place in the playing eleven among the bowling department with the ranks of zaheer and harbajhan, it would be naturally him.It is harsh and bad to supress talent especially the shinny ones like these at big games. It hurts not just for the audience or fans such as myself but for the player himself.At one point of time, he would only feel that irrespective of what i do, i would only get to play as a reserve at the bench when I can actually outperform someone in the playing eleven. Now that demoralizes the moral of a player.

Better take things in a rhythm when things are all set. Experimentations are all fine. But doing the same at the throughout your life is senseless. You cant expect to get the best from someone who has seldom played any cricket for time and again.

Be it Mahi's plan or Kirsten's direction, it cannot be laid any simpler than this, for you bums!!!

Good luck with the Finals!!!