Sunday, March 20, 2011

Typical play of Responsibility

Alright, time for mind tickles. Thought it was time i started sending messages to the world with new born ideas. Lucky for me some people still drop by my web space to read the bauble i write once in a while. Not a popularity contest but just a matter of opinion here. Empty words cannot pull the strings of fate, but hey expressive one's does. So here goes....

Responsibility is one word which holds down for no one and will eventually pick you apart from inch by inch to your miserable life. I know I sound like a sadist but we have to understand that good times comes and goes without leaving much of a mark while the misery are the true times where we show a lot of character and hence i lay my emphasis on time of need rather than the time of joy.Like i was writing, Responsibility spares none and you will have to embrace it whether you like it or not.

Lets remove the Ace in the hole, (the ones who take them well) its bout the one's who try the blame game to withdraw from the clutches. Teachers from my experience are the most outstanding instance for the latter part. Lets say you have 2 pupil under an average teacher.Let us split each of them into 1 category; One as an outstanding nerd while other (oh well... its all in the game...) a perfect err from mankind's creation(just the brain level). So our so called teacher imparts the teaching with the meagre justice as he/she always does. The results will eventually come with come excelling while the other fails. Ask the teacher what happens and the answer which comes out straight away is that the other pupil is virtually impeccable to any lessons taught or efforts put.

Hmm.... As expected... But is that even a valid or worthy answer to begin with?? Teacher's rule book obviously would try to save the skin of their kind so lets not try the obvious. So ask the one's in the outside world(removing student and the teacher community). The reply, its the teacher's fault.... But why and how?? Ohh no, not yet, spare the tears and melodrama, justice is served don't you think?? It will also be explained as well.

Any responsible person would have only shown more character in working his/her back by bringing the weak one's to the top.... It is where the a true craftsman's work can be seen. Making a resource out of a lousy material is craftsmanship if you do consider yourself one. So its only evident that the responsibility is leaked out from there and then. Secondly taking someone as a student into consideration, it is only understandable that he is still negligent from his/her duties so you have only yourself to be blamed after all its what you are paid for. Finally, some people find themselves amused with this new trick of turning themselves into a prick there by destroying the confidence among people....(This is not applicable not just to the students & teachers but to most fields.Even at work).

What you serve is what you get back in return; Screwing others and attaining success or scoring points at others cost will only get back to you in return; Kings will eventually have to fall to a rebellious emperor; One spade will be succeeded will by another with the similar maneuver(better if not the same); People who has the ability to make a self realization will change course and those who have fallen from grace shall be overthrown; So high time we understood the term and work it out in the right course starting from my own self other than pointing my fingers towards you!!!