Thursday, October 15, 2009

Right to vote no longer a "Right"??

Well its bout a month since we had our central government elections here at India. Sure one party loses and one party wins. This is like a coin-toss of course, but then nevertheless we have one common issue that has yet to be answered. The question of the public of course, the voice of every major\eligibile voter in this country-" Do we have anything called the Right to Vote?"

Well we could have seen flashy advertisements in the TV, flashy banners on ur streets, huge cutouts over the years, but then have we ever given a thought bout the individual? I mean , how many times have we come across the voting percentage lesser than 50??? This is not something new to us, but then we rarely care who wins cause at times it doesnt make any changes whoever wins cause "Most of the times we loose".

Yes like our heading here says, the right to vote no longer a right here supposed to mean for the majority of the people who hesitates to cast their vote.If the odds are true the majority of the people who doesnt vote happens to be the educated ones. Not sure myself, but then i simply go with the rumours for now.Yes and if they dont bother to cast their vote which by all means happens to be the majority(50+) then how does the election commision possibly think that a party has legally won? "Not sure if they only take the vote casted into consideration, but then if the majority doesnt believe in any of the contenders of the election then why bother conducting an election itself? " .

Neither do this majority of the people bother to raise their voice against the dislikes or dilemma's nor does the officials take things into consideration. Does that mean that our right has been violated here? or is it simply a raw deal that we can either take it or leave ? Time will tell....