Sunday, October 11, 2009

1 "M"an "S"tands tall in ruins!!!!

Will he be the only legend for the Formula 1 after the number of controversies we seen ever since his retirement including the continued changes in rules which of course brought the end to Micheal's reign of domination in F1. Apart from that we have seen Alonso who was expected to take Schumi's domination losing the sheen once he joined McLaren team. Lately the Briton sensation Hamilton doesnt seem to be quite effective with the changes made by the FIA.

Of course the chance of winning a race is now totally unbiased no doubt with regulations in engine and wings and all that extravegent motor stuff, but then top teams like Ferrai, BMW are planning to pull out of the FIA if they fail to make changes with the rules yet again. One would think that this might be the beginning of the end of Formula 1 at this level.

With things going out of hands, Micheal's record is all set and bricked up real strong and he will be the undisputed champion role-model and an inpiration for many young racing drivers for the years to come.