Thursday, October 8, 2009


Time and again MSD has proved why he is worthy of being a captain or a top ODI batsmen for weeks. Captain Marvel might have not made an impression at the T20 world cup but he sets milestone's , which any Indian captain would have only dreamt of doing in the past or maybe in the future too. Inspite of the dismal performance by the players of team India at the 2 nd ODI in front of the West Indies crowd, he managed to hold his nerves and showed clear temperment and determination to stay and make atleast a statement before he fell as the last man by the end of the innings. Not just that, he made sure the tournament was won by the team, after 4th ODI was called off and the previous match which was barely won by a ball in the end.

While Mahi's spot remains undisputed in the Indian order, people must have to think that players like Rohit Sharma, Yusuf Pathan are even worthy of their places in the playing eleven.Yes we can spot the talent( in Rohit) when played with lesser teams and Yusuf big shots once in a hundred times, but can we take that as a justification for these people? Dinesh Karthik's place for the playing eleven in world T20 cup still even remains clouded who clearly performed well in both IPL and in West Indies. High time for people to realize that a lots of playing talent is wasted from the likes of certain jerks who takes their places for granted.