Monday, May 9, 2011

Individual's Potential

Umm..... Individual... Doesn't sound too convincing now does it?? And i thought so... :)

Even for the brilliant of the best look pretty much of a joke when you get to find yourself singled out from the rest of the world. And so it begins....

It's been quoted that any individual be it a man or any animal or entity as a being is not considered much of a thought when an entire race is taken into consideration, but the same mouth which utters the very quote also accepts the fact that the individual mind is greater than any galaxy and its thought and imagination is unrivaled and faster than the speed of light as well.

And so we shall dwell and dig in deep with the very topic which lays emphasis on Individual's potential rather than the typical team work motto and all that non sense.

I may sound rather outrageous for such a statement adding team work and non sense. But the bottom line is we work as a team to live one man's dream. And no man or great minds can question it cause that is how it as been worked out since the day we started walking and socialized among our brothers and sisters(well not exactly :P).

Great Saviors,conquerors, rulers, dictators, adventures, writers, artiste's and so on. It is all just a one man's show. Remove the single entity and the entire back bone is out of the equation, the history will be altered and we wouldn't be reading them in the books. One man turns to be the face of an entire nation, an entire race, and of course off late an entire industry.But then we wont get to hear them say "Hey at the end of day I achieved my dream", but on the contrary, "It is because of you my good people that we are all living a good dream". Such is the humbleness of great people or at least the way that they conduct themselves that all you can possibly do is appreciate his words when they spill out. Naturally Great men are born and not made.It may be a shame that not all can reach the level of greatness that some do, but remember no one can play your role better than your own, precisely why even the greatest of greats need you to aid him achieve his greatness.

Shoulders straighten up, heads held high, redeem your self worth, know your damn role and simply don it like no one can with a genuine touch that you alone can fulfill. That my friend my good people is what an individual can accomplish and greatness will naturally follow your foot steps to be added as a mere title perk that it will mean nothing to you at the end of the day.

-A message for all and specific to none.