Monday, May 23, 2011

IPL : Materialized League and Pre-Fixed

Forget the new talents, cricket, slogging.... or anything you get to know bout IPL. Reality call, this league is more money oriented, relies more on glamour and show casing rather than providing the young talents a chance to face the best. If that's hard to digest let me pull the rumor you can get to hear in the street once again.... Its a best spot to fix things so they can job one and other.

Cricket is a commercial game after all... Its not something you consider as a prime time thingy cause its not globally recognized even though it a real time fact, but it just held its place to where the marketing for the game is at its peak. Its understandable that the brain's behind the game(ICC) is ready to sink that low just to improve its business standards and showing a 50% increase in the stats to let them have a life luxury just to rob fans who actually squander it in a lost and pre fixed jobs which they white wash themselves to be clean time and again after getting busted from the weak chunks in the armor which is pretty much ethereal.

The difference is quite evident these days, that you get to see master batsman falling down to nothing tagging him with a cheap gimmick act saying he succummbed to pressure which was mounting on him and the bowler who absolutely has no experience in batting get to the top and gets to don the role of giant killer for the day. And all that for what?? Just a good business to make a pre fixed match more watchable rather than making its too obvious, but then not all can be pulled off in that typical fashion now can we??

The riches are filthy and its only tagged so for this very reason. When handled you dont know how filthy it makes you cause it corrupts right away. The game no longer involves any hard work or dedication, any big fat blob gets in to fit a legend's shoe's. Even a whimp like Sreeshanth gets to look like a big timer and importantly a worn out Harbhajan Singh begs to look polished hanging to the world's best spinner on claiming the victim's of the lesser batsmen.

Let's get to the prime point, isnt this suppose to go with the younger talents?? And is one suppose to get a spot in that dream playing eleven spot when the dominant foreign talents get to do most of the work or your prime Indian squad make the newbies look like sissies? Utter waste of time and thought, even though some mindless ghouls can stand by saying that is why it is called entertainment.

It is certainly not entertainment, its a bare faced robbery which most people don't realize.And if it is entertainment, it absolutely sucks.The only reason why IPL even came into existence is because it wanted the ICL(supported firmly by the legendary Kapil Dev) out of business, where the purpose of the league was strictly maintained.

I'm not sure if its the establishment(who ever joins) or the governing body(just the biggies) of the establishment which is more corrupt.But they don't like competition and its was world known story that they forced ICC to cease permission for the league to be recognized.So much is the power that the oozing of corruption is just to outrageous to be neglected at all.

Summing it all, IPL can simply be categorized into the following given below:-

Match fixed, corrupt,wealth flowing,way too glamorous for masculine(gay?? no comments), woman harassment(Cheerleaders from SA being fired for the very cause),Brain Washer, Young talent seizing, game for mindless bloke's who just want to kill some time and(TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT THIS ONE ) ****BORING****

NOTE: Maybe a million people wants to see Sachin's son fill up his shoe's but i rather want to see your son or mine to fill his shoe's.... As simple as that...