Thursday, May 12, 2011

Who's bad ,Who's Not

We would like to turn our attention on the good old performers please.. Ahem, Yup we do, naah not the celebrities shit, i hate them and their pompous ways.

When i say performer's let get to the modest and humble range of club dancer's,cheerleaders or any mood changing department which eventually takes your attention from the dull to excitement, summing it as perfect alteration in the unclear picture which is totally boring or something which fails to catch your level of interest.

Yes as usual i take the role of unliked specimen just to point you the credits rather than looking them as earth's most low life who doesnt have or know better to make a life for a living.Club dancer or Cheerleader, it ain't something bout skin show's. In fact they have a whole bigger heart than any people who gets to say that woman/men doning in that costume is a shame to their race.No, primarily they perform, it is dedicated to the others to be happy, it should not be used as a point to harness them or abuse them for the very performance they put out for you. The pain and the efforts they out for us is just too much that they even have to sacrifice they eating habit's in order to stick in shape, maintain the looks, spending extra hours in the gym instead out laughing it out with friends who are not among the profession.

But then what happens is ugly, people get harnessed big time, and eyes roll all over them, and if thats not rude, showing signs is. Well forget the crowd, cause you can contain or educate people of refuses to be bound with a level of decency, even when they are pretty much literates. But what happens if the specific company or the team gets to abuse you too?? It doesn't just hurt, it simply demoralizes yourself as a person and you doubt if this is really what you want to do.

Society often question's a person especially performers of this rate, thinking that this one is out of the ways, not to mention that they have low morale's or even doubt the private life affairs too.But one only has to give a thought that society has only served us with more victims than promoting any good. Just wonder that hey, you get to win a big fat prize in a competition or a lucky draw, you think the society gives a damn?? No, it will impose its jealous and in the end you will only get to its ugly side when you provoke or raise your voice.

This is precisely what happens when it happens to performers of this caliber, because they choose this for a life. What they do is something more than just for a living, it is called passion which only someone with a similar status can understand.

And what happens when they open out from the Closed shells? They get abused, screwed and the entire world is against them? Its just an easy ,less blackening view to the organization or the company involved.

I bet you would have figured why i was even yanking all this thing bout, but hey society favors only the big who despise the lesser one's underneath their feet, not the other way around. And so the food chain(modern hierarchy) shows such indifference among its own race. And law enforcement naturally goes out of the window because the law just isn't for all.I can even be considered mad for this, but had this been your woman or your man under the point of fire and sword, you wont be making such a hasty decision of making a fool out of me now would you?

We may have big names which try to make world a better place to live with not just for humans but also for animals. Yes it is very humane to check over the animals, touching, but its a lost cause as the very brand, kills more than it can protect. There is a big difference in protecting and preserving the species. Yet there is a big black hole developing which seems to devour it's own kind at the moment.

It is said that pain and loss can only be sensed and felt only when you actually experience it in the open world. As for the rest of the world, they will only have more topics to discuss, at some point of a time when the situation gets stale, they will search for a new target.

Bottom Line, try showing your compassion to people, if thats hard to buy, at the least try to be polite and prove yourself a worthy person in the world. Of course such people seldom are noticed for they these kind of activities. Be the person and show that this is still a better place for humanity and the helpless.